‘Agent Carter’ Season Two Brings Challenges and a Move to LA

Agent Carter

Season Two of Agent Carter is looking to challenge Peggy Carter and the rest of their cast of characters in the next chapter of the series.  At Comic-Con it was announced that this new season will see the show moving to Los Angeles and that Peggy isn’t done pushing the boundaries of what her character is capable of achieving.

The series follows the titular Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell, as she balances being an agent and a woman in 1940’s America. Peggy is aided by Jarvis, played by James D’Arcy as she navigates her way through the demands of her job and keeping the country safe.  It debuted in January of this year and due to its success in the ratings it was renewed for a 10-episode Season 2.

So what can we expect from the upcoming series? “She has had closure with her grief for Steve, and she is ready to move on romantically, and start a new chapter in her life,” Atwell says.

While Peggy may be getting some closure, D’Arcy thinks that the fun is just beginning for Jarvis. “From Jarvis’ perspective I think it’s just starting.  He has opened a door to a kingdom that he never imagined that he could be a part of, and he wants more of it. I don’t think he’ll like LA very much, I think he will be quite English about that,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t think he is going to change his wardrobe in one tiny capacity to accommodate the fact that he’s in a very different temperature.”

Given that the season Peggy was dealing with being a female agent in a man’s world, what can be expected in the next season for her character? “I think in every aspect it’s upping the game and upping the drama so that it is not just solely about a woman in a man world.  In a way she sort of becomes genderless because she has overcomes those things,” Atwell says. “But you also have to be respectful of the time and what it would have meant in terms of the limitations to here, and in society that would still be relevant.  It’s a good question for one of the writers.”

Hayley Atwell & James D'Arcy at Comic Con 2015 (photo Jamie LeDent Photogrpahy)

Hayley Atwell & James D’Arcy at Comic Con 2015 (photo Jamie LeDent Photogrpahy)

D’Arcy also thinks this show is that is exploring some gender in real life instead of just in the timeline of the story. “No one would ask that question a guy was playing the lead role. ‘What is it like playing a guy in a guy’s world? It must be really boring playing that arc over and over again’, that question doesn’t come up. So it is a really interesting question because one of the things I think the show does really well is starting to explore in a more general sense what we all watch.  The fact that we all watch a lot of male driven dramas, it’s really important that we have female led dramas as well.”

Given all that Peggy has accomplished in her series, and in the movies, it could be frustrating that people can hone in one her unmarried relationship status.  But Atwell  doesn’t see it like that at all. “No, because in a way, the possibility of her getting married doesn’t take away her ambition in the workplace.  But it also suggests a possibility of her finding stability and companionship, which is something that I’d like her to have for herself, especially in the light of her loss of Steve. It helps her move on emotionally, and that’s also quite an interesting journey in how she starts to tackle a real legitimate home life with her work life, which is very relatable and very current.”

See what new adventures Peggy and Jarvis have in the second season on Agent Carter, the series is slated to be released early 2016.

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