Tom Hiddleston looks back on 2011, quotes ‘Hamlet’ and reveals what Woody Allen taught him

Actor Tom Hiddleston is enjoying the recent rise of success in his acting career.  Previously a regular in the British TV series Wallander, the thirty year old has been off and running this year with a slew of new movie roles.

Filming back to back for the films Thor, Midnight in Paris, and Spielberg’s War Horse, Hiddleston sounds as though he’s taking it all in stride while talking in a recent interview with Moviefone.  “There’s a line in Hamlet, I think, “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” And the same could be true of good things as well. It’s like buses! In London, when you’re waiting for a bus, you’ll be there for half an hour and then three will come at once. It’s as simple as that.”

The last year for Hiddleston has involved a jam packed schedule of filming.  Luckily the actor has found himself working along some of the best directors in the movie industry, from Kenneth Branagh to Steven Spielberg, and Woody Allen.

“I had a very, very busy summer. I shot Thor for five months — the first five months of 2010,” he said. “Then I did a quick three weeks in Paris with Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris.  Then went straight into War Horse.  And having played Loki the first time for so long and kind of stoked up the fire of all of that psychological damage, it was like living inside that crazy man for five months. And then I saw Captain Nicholls in the screenplay and the first line says, “Captain Nicholls is a tall, kind, compassionate, decent, upper class, gentleman English officer.” And I thought, that might be a nice way to spend my summer.”  Hard pressed to name what director he would like to work with again, Hiddleston chose instead to share what he learned from one of the most well known and notoriously quirky directors.  “Woody Allen taught me that the magic happens if you show up. Half the job is showing up, in a way. Because he works so quickly and so fast that there’s no time for over-thinking it, really. You just do a couple of takes and move on. But there’s a magic that happens in the chemistry of it, I guess, that I perhaps didn’t trust before I met him.”

Up next, he’ll show up in The Avengers, as well as two part mini-series, Henry IV, as Prince Hal.

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