Anne Heche Posed As a Stripper in Preparation for Her ‘Carlito’s Way’ Audition

Long time actress Anne Heche has revealed to SF Gate, that she daringly went to a strip club and danced in preparation for an audition for the 1993 film Carlito’s Way, starring Al Pacino.

“I had to strip for the screen test because there’s this scene where he comes into the strip club and so the last thing I did before my screen test was I went into a strip club and asked if I could audition,” Heche shared.

Stepping into the risque world of adult entertainment during her 20’s, Heche detailed her visit to an unknown club, doing a little research for the role.

“I walked in completely as an unknown.  I went to where the strippers get their outfits and I had a wig and I did a shot of scotch that was in my hotel bar. I was scared to death. I stripped that night and they offered me the job at the club!,” she said. “I was very, very shy about my body and it was so wild. I didn’t go completely nude; I had pasties and a G-string on, but to have the experience of being on stage and the feeling of the control of entertaining the men there was surprisingly liberating.  That’s how I knew I could go and do the screen test and not worry about being truthful as a stripper.”  Unfortunately Heche didn’t land the part, but she did walk away with the experience.  “I didn’t get the part because I was too young.”

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  1. Jo Ann Ryan via Facebook

    January 27, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    so what ?????????,only way to get her face in the news :(:(:(:(

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