TV Comedy Actresses Roundtable with Zooey Deschanel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christina Applegate, Laura Dern, Jane Lynch, Martha Plimpton and Julie Bowen

comedy-actressesRounding out the last bits of things I wanted to post while I was on vacation are these Hollywood Reporter videos. 

Every year, the magazine interviews a set of actors for their Emmy Roundtables videos. These are actors who have a great chance to get an Emmy nomination for their work for the previous TV season.

The interviews are always funny and full of interesting stories and these new videos are just that.

In this interview, THR talks with comedy actresses , Julia Louis-Dreyfus, , , , and .

Check it out below!


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  1. Wow, I love these women so much — all of them — smart, funny, and beautiful. Would love to get the opportunity to work with any one of them. (And I like Martha Plimpton even more to hear her mention two of her comedy idols are Madeline Kahn and Teri Garr.)

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