The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln: “If this was cast in England, I probably wouldn’t have been considered for the role”


Walking-Dead-andrew-lincolnA breakout star and hero of The Walking Dead, English actor Andrew Lincoln says he doesn’t read feedback, comments or blogs when it comes to the hit series.

When talking to The Sun Daily, Lincoln also went into the details surrounding his likable, but hesitant, character whose mission is to keep his wife and son safe from the post apocalyptic zombie world, and his luck at landing the lead role in the U.S. production.  “It’s an extraordinary role for me. If this was cast in England, I probably wouldn’t have been considered for the role. It feels like I’m starting all over again in my career.”

Lincoln nabbed the lead after backing out of a film role, sending a tape with his best southern accent to Frank Darabont who has since left his position on the show and is currently working on TNT’s pilot L.A Noir.   “I was supposed to do a film but then my son was born early and so I withdrew from that film. Then this script [The Walking Dead] came to my door.”

Leading a group of survivors, Lincoln delved into the specifics on how his alter ego Grimes morphs into a bit of a bad guy with all of the pressues, walking the line between right and wrong, similar to the likes of David Chase’s famous mobster Tony Soprano.   Although you know they’re making some questionable decisions, fans can’t help but root for them.  “In the comic book, Rick turns to the dark side a little bit quicker. I know it was [executive producers]Frank and Glen Mazzara’s intention to stretch.”  Adding, “you have to know that Rick is the moral centre of the series. He is sort of the eyes and ears of the story. You have to believe he is a righteous man initially but he deteriorates over time as this wild lawless world takes its toll.”

Something the show runners decided to make a focus in the second season of the show with the help of  comic book writer Robert Kirkman.  As pointed out Lincoln, the cast and crew plan to veer off course here and there, changing up some of the details of  the story, something Lincoln refers to as the “best of both worlds.”

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