Rob Lowe Talks Parks and Recreation and the Challenges of Comedy Acting


Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe has called his casting in the Amy Poehler comedy “kismet”

Starring in the series as the character Chris Traeger, Lowe recalls that he was ” just finishing up on Brothers & Sisters, which had an amazing and successful run. After four years on a show, both in terms of the writing and the acting, everyone has sort of gone through their bag of tricks. So I was looking for the next challenge. Greg Daniels and Mike Schur [creators of Parks and Recreation]had a vague notion about bringing someone onto the show. And it was sort of kismet.”

“In my meeting with Greg and Mike, they told me when they were asked to design the spinoff to The Office, their original idea was to make a comedy version of The West Wing. I sort of had to do it after I heard that,” he said.
Lowe’s casting did come as a surprise to fans of the show, with the actor also up for a challenge, making his move from drama to a comedy series.  “My No. 1 axiom about comedy is, there is no place for vanity or self-editing. When you’re on national television in extreme closeup, looking in a mirror and ad-libbing, “stop pooping,” you know you’ve crossed the Rubicon and you have taken that axiom to heart. That’s what it’s about.”

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via L.A. Times

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