Lucy Griffiths Talks Blood, Death and and the End of Nora on ‘True Blood’


lucy-griffiths-true-bloodIt’s been a dramatic season on HBO’s True Blood, probably even bigger than fans initially anticipated. They were warned ahead of time that one main character was going to see their demise, but it turns out the vampire death clock is on overdrive.

In a recent interview with Vulture, actress Lucy Griffiths talked about the end of her character Nora and what it was like to shoot that final episode. 

Fans were treated to a fairly long and graphic scene for Nora’s end. Griffiths revealed the challenges of making that scene as gory as it was.

She shared, “It was quite weird, because I had to have a tube next to my head and they had to pump all the blood through it, to make it look like I was melting, before they added the CGI. So I was covered in blood, covered head to toe, and it was so cold. It feels quite strange! The vein effects right before that were part transfers and makeup and postproduction.”

While the character’s death on the cable show propelled the storyline forward for the rest of the season, it isn’t always easy to deal with the end of a great acting gig.  However, Griffiths seemed to take the end of her contract with a level of mature understanding. In fact, she applauded the ending.

“I thought it was wicked. [Laughs.] At first, they said, “We think we’re going to do this,” and then they said they weren’t sure, and then they said they were,” shared the 26-year-old actress. “But the thing is, when you sign a contract to do any of these shows, unless you’re a lead character, someone that the show is really centered around, you always know that your character might leave. I’ve got no complaints. And I thought it had been written really well. It was clever, and I was looking forward to playing the scenes when I read them.”

Even though she handled the final episode well, Vulture probed a bit further to see if the last table read with the cast was sad.

She said, “…yeah, I guess so. It gave an opportunity for Eric’s character to be a bit more openly vulnerable than he normally is, so he was very moved by that.”

True Blood won’t be the last fans will see of Griffiths though. She just completed the film Uncanny with Rainn Wilson in addition to the upcoming Winter’s Tale starring Will Smith, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Connelly.

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