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Actor Josh Brolin

How Josh Brolin Prepares for a Role

“You gather all of the information and look at it all, and panic, and then you start to slowly build this character.” – Josh Brolin

When Viggo Mortensen Prepares for a Role, He Asks Himself a “Simple Question”

Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen knows a thing or two about bringing complicated roles to the screen. He’s appeared in dramas like The Road, Lord of the Rings, and A Dangerous Method. In his new movie, Everybody Has a Plan, Mortensen had to portray a character that carries the movie without a lot of dialogue.

John Malkovich on Preparing for a Role and More

John Malkovich, currently starring in RED, is someone I wish would star in more studio movies. He just elevates everything he’s in, doesn’t he?

He recently shared some thoughts on how he prepares for a part and more.