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What Do You Do If Your Agent Dumps You?

What you must not do, under any circumstances, is allow yourself to think for a second that this means the end of your acting career.

Reminder: It’s Not All About the Destination

It’s not only about the end destination. It’s about having something to reach for.

Jenna Fischer’s Acting Advice and the Number One Thing Actors Should Do for Their Career

"Part of the test of becoming a working actor is being able to be resilient and work through those road blocks in whatever way you can." - Jenna Fischer

How to Take Control of Your Work and Not Waste Time Explaining or Defending Your Choices

Face it, acting is about pretending. And the goal is to pretend in a way that looks and sounds believable.

Being an Actor: What is Your WHY?

As you move further into your career as an actor, you need to realize that it is not going to be easy.

Interview: Michael Kelly on Memorizing Dialogue, Acting Advice and His New Film, ‘All Square’

"I always say to actors, if you don't get something, there's a reason. It's okay. It sucks in the moment. But it'll all work out man." - Michael Kelly

Daveed Diggs on the Advice He Would Give His Younger Self

"I think I’m getting to be selective about the things I’m working on because I’m pretty confident in who I am." - Daveed Diggs

21 Ways to Find Acting Work Without an Agent

Never wait for opportunities to come to you or for that one magic person to come and make your career.

David Harbour: “You gotta do things your own way. You have to find your own path”

"All I say is that if you HAVE to act, then you HAVE to make it happen." - David Harbour

Actors… Stop Attacking Each Other!

This industry is hard enough as it is without actors criticizing each other and questioning each others choices and motivations.

“Create your own work!” Okay… about what?

Remember to play to your strengths as an actor. You don't need a fancy camera, or the latest editing program - you just have to work really really hard...

How to Bring a Scene to Life and Captivate Your Audience

Your job as an actor is to move your audience and allow them to enter into the fantasy world that you have created.

The Power of ‘NO’ aka “To thine own self be true…”

This isn’t a license to go crazy. Don’t become a Diva and say No to everything just to test your power. Be specific and only use it when it truly means something.

10 Ways to Stop Stage Fright

We’d rehearsed and rehearsed, I had worked so hard to prepare my character, and of course I knew my lines, but you know that few minutes when you’re standing at the side of the stage listening to the audience chattering in their seats? The audience that have come in to see YOU (and the rest of the cast but you get what I’m saying) move and captivate them with your performance? When you know there are reviewers, agents and people you know (family, eek) in the audience AND THEN SUDDENLY YOU GO BLANK AND CAN’T REMEMBER A THING?? Have you ... Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Villains

The more active you are in your choices, the more villains will be standing in your way.

The One Thing You Need To Know About Auditions

What did you bring to the audition that sets you apart? What did you do differently to everyone else who walked into the audition room that day?

Dear Starving Actor…

"While others get paid in their chosen professions, you work to be able to afford yours."

Find Your Inner Superhero: Five Questions to Ask That Can Make Your Acting and Writing Powerful

You can use the strong story mechanics that superhero tales frequently employ by asking yourself these five questions for your acting or writing

How to Get Away with Murder’s Aja Naomi King Has Some Advice for Actors

"Create the part for yourself, so you can exercise that muscle, so you can be ready to go in that room" - Aja Naomi King

Actors, Be Your Own Agent

No one wants you to succeed more than you do and no one is thinking about the possibility of you playing every role on the breakdowns, except for you.