SAG-AFTRA Merger Documents

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Porter, Miranda & More Launch #SeeAll Campaign in PSA

Last night, SAG and AFTRA released the merger documents which go into detail all the specifics of the proposed merging of the unions.

The full printed merger documents will be mailed to each voter with the ballot, which will need to be returned before March 30th.

There will also be a new joint website to provide members all the information they’ll want to consider before voting. The website will include complete merger details, FAQs, and a comprehensive calendar of events to alert members nationwide to meetings and other opportunities for learning about the plan. They’ll be giving that link to us soon. 

Most of the details have already been released (here and here). It’ll be harder to join the union, be less expensive than joining both and Pension and Health will merge.

I won’t pretend to say that I read each of the docs, which total 117 pages, but if you’re so inclined, they are listed below.

For the full documents, click below:
Merger Agreement
SAG-AFTRA Constitution
P&H/H&R Feasibility Report

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