Rainn Wilson on “Super” and the future of Dwight

"It’s every conceivable color – an actors dream role."

Having played the dimwitted character Dwight on “The Office” for seven seasons, audiences are in for a surprise when they see Rainn Wilson in his new film “Super“.

“For me, I think that it’s pretty rare to get to play a role like Frank. It’s an incredible role. I’m doing absurd comedy wearing a fake beard in one scene and sobbing in another. Then you are in a love scene and then shooting a guy in the head with a shotgun. It’s every conceivable color – an actors dream role. You know when I play Dwight on the office it’s basically one color, it’s one-and-a-half shades that I’ve been playing for seven years.”

Wilson would like to show there is more to Dwight than what we’ve seen so far. “I hope that especially since Steve is gone, a lot more is going to be called on from the ensemble. I think that they are going to have to find different ways to use me and Jim and Pam and show different colors of our characters to make the show viable and work. So I hope so. This next year will tell.”

via wsj.com


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