Mia Wasikowska on ‘Jane Eyre’ and filming on location

"There's something in her that makes her think she's worthy of happiness, and that's really an important thing for young women to remember, especially when they're falling in love."

From the sound of it, Mia Wasikowska, pretty much willed herself the part of ‘Jane Eyre’. The film, which opens this Friday and co-stars Michael Fassbender, is the latest adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s 164-year-old novel.

“I made a list of 10 books that I thought were classics and “Jane Eyre” was on that list. I was on the fifth chapter when I emailed my agent to ask if anyone was adapting it. Two months later she sent me the script,” she told The Wall Street Journal.

Wasikowska says immersing herself in the book helped her to understand Jane. “By the time I’d finished rereading it I’d underlined pretty much the whole book. From start to finish it’s Jane’s inner monologue, but the big key to understanding Jane is Rochester. Almost everything he says unlocks who she actually is.”

She says filming on location helped her to delve further inside the character. “Stumbling through the moors. I think that was day two. That’s the thing about films—you can never choose when you do anything. You have to be ready at any moment to turn on a certain emotion. It would suck to do those scenes against a [special effects] green screen. Out there, it was windy and cold and I could at least imagine what it would be like.”

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