Loaded gun grazes actor’s ear during play rehearsel


I love these crazy local theater stories. Maybe it’s because I used to do tons of theater and stupid stuff always happened while we were doing shows… or maybe I love crazy actors stories.

Either way, check this story out.

An actor with the Sarasota Senior Theater was hospitalized Monday night, after a bullet grazed his ear during a rehearsal for “Of Mice and Men.”

Bill Bordy, the director and actor in the show, had borrowed a 32-caliber Smith and Wesson from a cast member to use in the final scene where George (Bordy) kills Lennie.

Well,  Bordy came up behind Lennie (actor Fred Kellerman), pulled the trigger and a bullet flew out of the gun, grazing Kellerman in the left ear.

He was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition Monday night.

A Bradenton Police spokesman said no one checked the gun before the rehearsal to see if it was loaded.

Bordy’s final comment on the situation? He’s glad that he’s a “lousy shot.”


  1. Callie Nicholas on

    It turns out that the injuries sustained by Fred Kellerman were more extensive than originally reported. The bullet actually entered the thin layer of tissue surrounding his skull, at the mid rear of his head. The angle was miraculously just right so that the bullet ricocheted off his skull and exit out of the tissue, just behind his left ear. The bullet then blasted through the top part of his ear. He was extremely lucky to have this bullet not go through his skull. He received 2 staples in each of the holes in his head, and about 4 or 5 stitches in his left ear. He kept very positive and grateful attitude throughout.

    his step daughter.

  2. Thanks Callie for the update.

    Btw, I didn’t mean to make light of his situation.

    I’m really sorry and I hope he gets back on stage soon!

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