Daniel Radcliffe on why he chose ‘How To Succeed’ as his ‘Harry Potter’ follow up: “To prove that a child actor can go on to have a career with longevity”


Daniel Radcliffe is currently in previews for the revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, singing, dancing and trying to

Talking to the New York Times, he says he chose the musical “to prove that a child actor can go on to have a career with longevity.  If I can actually do it, having been in one of the biggest franchises ever, then that can end the debate. It is possible. That’s what’s my mission is.”

Radcliffe says he had doubts he could carry a musical, but his fears were allayed by choreographer Rob Ashford, who he recalls telling him he would make Radcliffe “a triple threat”.  “I was going: ‘O.K., yeah, I’ll do dance lessons, fine. But you are swimming against the tide here, Mr. Ashford.’ ” But he adds, “If you’re enthusiastic enough about stuff — even if you’re not good at it — your enthusiasm will get you to the point where people allow you to do it enough so that you become good at it.”

Radcliffe understands some people may feel a musical to be an unusual choice of project for him to take on after the phenomenal world wide success of “Harry Potter”, but he says,  “I think to a lot of people it’s a slightly confusing choice, but I like that.”

The show opens at the Al Hirschfeld Theater on March 27.

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