The Lisbon Traviata Monologue

‘The Lisbon Traviata’ (Mike)

MIKE: I’m tired. Stephen. I’m tired of saying I’m sorry all the time. I’m tired of tiptoeing through my life because it might interfere with yours. I’m tired of being told what opera to like, what book to read, what movies to go to, I’m tired of being your father,

A Chorus Line Monologue

‘A Chorus Line’ (Paul)

So I took a deep breath and started down the stairs and just as I passed my mother I heard her say : “Oh, my God.”

Fools Rush In Monologue

‘Fools Rush In’ (Alex)

Monologue from the movie, ‘Fools Rush In’, where Alex finally decides that Isabel is the one he loves.

Other Desert Cities Monologue

‘Other Desert Cities’ (Trip)

Trip: You know, let me just like preface this with – uh, I’ve lived most of my life in the shadow of a brother I barely knew – and I have about “this much” left – ok? That said – the people in this book are not the same as

The Goodbye Girl Monologue

‘The Goodbye Girl’ by Neil Simon

Elliott: Will you listen very, very carefully to me? Just for once. This may be the last time I ever talk to you. Not everyone in this world is after your magnificent body, lady. In the first place, it’s not so magnificent. It’s fair, but it ain’t keeping me up

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