SXSW Interview: Walter Perez and Parker Bagley are in ‘Detention’

The stars of the teen horror comedy, Detention, talk about how they got started, their roles and crazy auditions!

Walter Perez and Parker Bagley are both starring in the new teen horror comedy Detention. The movie, directed by Joseph Kahn and also starring Dane Cook and Josh Hutcherson, is about a group of teens that has to survive their last  year of high school. That’s going to be hard because a slasher movie killer has seemingly come to life. They’ll survive, if they can only get out of detention.

Unfortunately, when I talked with them we were at a bar with lots of noise. You gotta love SXSW! So, transcribing the interview was really hard to do. Walter and Parker talked to me about the film, how they got started and crazy auditions! Download the file and check it out!

For the full interview, click the audio link above or download it from iTunes

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