Warrior’s Joel Edgerton: “It feels good to have a chance to do all those things, because I [was] craving them years ago”


With the recent release of director Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior, Joel Edgerton has been making the promotional rounds. According to the Aussie actor, who already has numerous films lined up, the September 9th released flick wasn’t easy, physically or mentally. “We got injured, but that’s part of the excitement about signing up for something like that.”

Actually tearing his MCL during filming, the thirty-seven year old decided, against his doctors wishes, to continue filming, even when Warrior became “a real challenge.”

Admitting that he “had this sort of stupid idea that I was too old to do anything that athletic anymore.  It feels good to have a chance to do all those things, because I [was]craving them years ago.  It was like, ‘Give me a chance! Let me do all these things that I think I know I can do!’ And [then sometimes,]you don’t get the job, or they give it to someone else. So, it’s good.”

Next up, Edgerton will appear in The Thing as Sam Carter.  The 2011 movie will arrive in theaters on October 4th from director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

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