Jason Biggs on “American Reunion” and the differences in making a sitcom and filming a movie

"But these films — especially the first one — are such a huge part of our lives."

It’s hard to believe it has been over a decade since audiences met the cast of the first “American Pie” movie and eight years since the release of 2003′s “American Wedding” but all of the original cast members have signed on to reunite for the upcoming movie “American Reunion”.

Jason Biggs star of the franchise says it was fun to reunite with all the original cast members after so many years. “It was really good. It was kind of surreal being back with everybody. Not everyone was in the third movie so there were people I haven’t seen since the second film. A lot of us have not really kept in touch. But these films — especially the first one — are such a huge part of our lives, and it’s this shared experience that is so important to all of us. No matter what kind of paths we’ve taken since, and no matter how long we go without speaking or seeing each other, it’s like we get back and there’s this energy that’s just fantastic.”

Biggs says bringing everyone back together after so long, there could have been some tension, but everyone was genuinely happy to reconnect. “Some of us are not really friends. But it doesn’t mean we’re not friendly when we see each other. I wish I could speak ill. I’ll probably remember how irritating some of them are in the first week.”
During the decade since the last “American” film, Biggs starred on the now canceled sitcom “Mad Love“. The actor says there is a difference between filming a sitcom and making a movie. “The sitcom is a very specific kind of rhythm and cadence and it’s a certain muscle that you have to exercise to do it well. It was just a different style of comedy. You’ve got to play the jokes a little bit more. It’s just different from, say, these “American Pie” films. I just had a great time working with that cast. That cast was incredible and it’s a shame we won’t get to do it again.”

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