Harrison Ford on How He Chooses Roles and Where the “Real Fun” is When He’s Acting


harrison-ford-paranoiaHarrison Ford has come a long way from Indiana Jones and Han Solo.  He’s currently appearing in the thriller, Paranoia, which is a far cry from his famous action heroes of the past.

“This was a character that I hadn’t played before and I enjoy working,” he said in an interview with Yahoo! News.  “I’m not good at sitting still.  For me it’s the intellectual exercise.  The real fun comes in solving problems—massaging a line into shape, making the rhythm of a scene work, getting the right blocking so it feels natural and easy.  When I don’t get to do it, I feel kind of edgy.”

When choosing roles, Ford omits any outside influences and just trusts the material.  “I participate in things because I have an emotional recognition in the scenes that I’m reading about that’s beyond subject and is about human behavior.”

However, the 71-year-old has not jumped on the now normal human behavior of Tweeting everything about his daily life.  “I don’t want to put myself out there that way,” he said.  “I also don’t want to be distracted from my real life.  I don’t want to have a virtual life.  I want to invest in my actual life.”

Paranoia opens Friday, August 16th

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