Michael Cerveris Talks Going to Buenos Aires to Prepare for His Role as Juan Peron in ‘Evita’


Michael Cerveris is talking about his new role as Juan Peron in the upcoming production of Evita where he stars opposite Elena Roger and Ricky Martin

Discussing  his experiences with the iconic musical, Cerveris says that he remembers “seeing it and being overwhelmed by it. I don’t own many soundtracks of musicals but that was one that I did own on vinyl, which dates me somewhat too,” he told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview.

During a trip to Buenos Aires with the cast and crew, Cerveris paints a picture of a surreal experience.  “Walking around Casa Rosada and being able to stand on that balcony and walk through those corridors and down those staircases and colonnades, there’s not a day in rehearsal that I’m not able to recall what the air feels like and what this room was and what it’s like to stand on that balcony and imagine just two million people in a square in front of you.”

While Evita fans may be gushing over seeing Cerveris in his upcoming role, both Fringe and Treme fans don’t have to fear they may lose their favorite character.  The actor could be shooting his scenes on location in New York where he is currently staying.  “Neither show is very forthcoming with information, even to us who are in it,” he said. “So I don’t know exactly what the future holds for my character in either of those things, but as far as I know, I’m continuing on as I’m available and we’ll work that all out.”

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