Watch: SAG Coversations with J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons talks about playing two versions of the same character on Counterpart and more.

Happy birthday, J.K. Simmons! The Academy Award-winning star of Whiplash turns 64 years old today. When he’s not appearing in Farmer’s Insurance commercials or voicing the Yellow M&M in those commercials, he continues to prove himself as a terrific actor in both film and television.

For example, since December 2017 Simmons has starred in a dual role in Counterpoint, a Starz TV series that began its second season this past December. Simmons portrays the same character on parallel earths with very different lives.

Before the series launched, Simmons sat for a forty-minute interview with Jenelle Riley of Variety to discuss playing two versions of the same character on the same series. You can watch the whole interview to celebrate Simmons’ birthday above!

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