Watch: SAG Conversations with Viggo Mortensen


Happy birthday, Viggo Mortensen! The Lord of the Rings star turns sixty years old today. While Mortensen will always be best know for playing Aargon, he has received acclaim for many other roles he has played on screen. He has received two Oscar nominations — his first for 2007’s Eastern Promises and his second for 2016’s Captain Fantastic.

English Conversation About A Celebr...
English Conversation About A Celebrity

While promoting the latter film — something that Mortensen has spoken about being adverse to doing — Mortensen sat with Stacey Wilson Hunt of New York Magazine for a conversation presented by SAG-AFTRA Foundation. It’s a rare opportunity to watch Mortensen speak in-depth about his work and how he approaches his often-offbeat roles.

You can view the whole video above!

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