Jonathan Groff Rocks His Way Back onto “Glee”


Before being cast as Jesse St. James on Glee, actor Jonathan Groff was more comfortable singing to the tune of a gentle piano melody than against a wall of guitar, bass and drums. However, as he told TV Guide, being a part of Fox’s popular musical comedy-drama has taught him to embrace his inner rocker.

“The first song I sang with (fictional Glee singing group) Vocal Adrenaline was ‘Highway to Hell’ and I remember calling Adam Anders (the show’s musical producer) and saying, ‘Maybe we should sit down with a piano instead because I don’t sing like this,’” the actor said in a recent interview. “But he pulled out this side of my voice I didn’t know existed, this rock scream. It has totally changed the way I sing.”

Last week’s episode marked the return of Groff’s character, who rocked his way back into the story line with a rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” After the theatre veteran’s recent move from New York to Los Angeles, where Glee is taped, he will be available for more time on the show.

Glee had been the longest job I’d ever done in front of the camera, and I really enjoyed it,” commented Groff. “It felt like it was time to take a risk and move out here to L.A., try and get some film and television going. I’m still keeping my place in New York because I couldn’t bear to give it up, and I love doing theater.”

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