Jeremy Sisto on His Early Path to Becoming an Actor

“It wasn’t like I was on the road to become a doctor and veered to the right. It just naturally happened in my life.” – Jeremy Sisto on Becoming an Actor

star Jeremy Sisto has had starred in a number of successful series, including , Law & Order, and Suburgatory.  However, he comes from a family of performers and actually has been acting since he was very young (including appearing in Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” music video) while growing up in Chicago.

In an interview with Long Island Weekly, Sisto spoke about his early days breaking into acting and how his attitude toward has changed over his career:

“My was a single mother and she was a commercial actress, so she would drive around from agent to agent and would bring them cookies. We would always be with her and they were like, ‘Hey. Your kids want to ?” and we did. Pretty quickly I got a play at Goodman Theatre in Tennessee William’s last play where I had a couple of lines. I really had a fun experience with that. I went to a rough school at that time and I just continued doing plays and . As a kid, it was just a fun experience and there was all this creativity. I got a movie when I was 16. It was always this far-fetched dream in our lives, so it was this big dream come true. It wasn’t like I was on the road to become a doctor and veered to the right. It just naturally happened in my life. This path was kind of there and I was fortunate enough to get some early and lucky success. I’ve gone in and out of wanting to be an actor throughout my life. It’s a weird profession.”

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