Los Angeles Actor Says He Was Handcuffed for Doing a Self-Tape Audition

Actor Tyree Freely was self-taping a monologue for casting director Leah Daniels-Butler‘s Quarantine Project when he "heard a knock at the door."

While all actors hope to get attention from self-taping monologues, they certainly don’t expect the attention to come from the local police department. But that’s exactly what happened to one Los Angeles actor.

Los Angeles actor Tyree Freely claims that he was self-taping a monologue from August Wilson’s Jitney in his apartment for casting director Leah Daniels-Butler‘s Quarantine Project when he “heard a knock at the door.” Freely reveals that he was surprised by who answered:

“I looked through the peephole and didn’t see anything, so I opened the door to see 2 LAPD officers on the sides of my door. They told me to step out of my own home as they asked me who was inside. As I informed them that it was just me inside, they weren’t trying to tell me what happened nor were they trying to tell me their names. I told them how I was making a self tape for class (though they didn’t know what a self tape was nor did they believe me). Then, they were trying to place me under arrest for something I had no idea about.”

It appears that a neighbor had heard Freely’s audition and, in concern, called the Los Angeles Police Department. Freely continues:

“They finally told me someone called them because of some possible fighting going on here, so instead of asking me to wait outside, they decided to ‘detain’ me … They finally said it was suspicion of domestic violence in my apartment! AS I AM IN MY HOME BY MYSELF! Who am I beating up? Myself?”

After the alleged visit by police eventually concluded, Freely took to Instagram to share his story and include video taped from the incident. You can view that below:


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