Amy Adams on Going to Hollywood and Learning on the Job

"I had trouble being open when I first started acting on film" - Amy Adams

Actress Amy Adams

On coming to Hollywood: “I thought maybe I could get on a soap opera, maybe get to do some commercials. When I moved out here, I must have, somewhere in my heart, believed in abundance — meaning that the work of acting in film and television is not meant for special people. There’s not an exclusive amount of it that only goes to the most beautiful, the most talented, the most special people in the world.”

On learning on the job: “I had trouble being open when I first started acting on film,” she says. “I felt extremely vulnerable. Maybe it was the nature of the work, the microscope that’s on you on a set. I never went to a conservatory and didn’t study anywhere; I went straight into doing musical theater and dinner theater, so I’d come up with what worked for me. But it didn’t work for every situation, so I had to study with a coach who helped me get over myself, essentially, and not worry about feeling exposed.”

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