The Lessons of Resiliency

Actors know that they are not going to book every job auditioned for, but they also know that a huge part of the game is showing up

Written by Rhonda Musak

There are few jobs less stable than those found in the world of showbiz—films wrap, plays close and TV shows end. 

In fact, over the course of a career an actor can spend mind numbing amounts of time interviewing for jobs, i.e. auditioning.  As a professional in the field of acting, I have observed that there is one standout characteristic that allows someone to thrive through what often seems like a raging sea of instability: resiliency.

Searching the thesaurus, I’m astonished to find a realm of expansiveness in the word “resilient”: elastic yet hard-wearing, flexible yet tough, pliant yet durable.  The word paints a striking picture of long-lasting possibility. 

Actors know that they are not going to book every job auditioned for, but they also know that a huge part of the game is showing up—and showing up again, and again, and again… In fact, the pro will rarely take much time to lament what did not happen but will instead pour energy forward into the next set of opportunities.  How resiliency happens can best be summed up by the cliché directive: get right back up on that horse.  What we focus on we create more of in life; choose to focus on what did not happen and remain stuck or learn from the situation and move confidently forward taking the next step.  Even a small next step can be just the thing that reveals the next opportunity.

A last piece to add to the power of resiliency is the ability to maintain a steady vision while allowing for flexible form.  Since I was in high school I knew that I wanted to have what could be summed up as “a life in the theatre.”  I spent many years acting, but then discovered how much I loved the technique of acting and realized that there was an acting teacher in me.  Though the form has changed, the original vision carries on.  And I fully expect that resiliency will come in handy down the line when life does what it does best: change.


Rhonda Musak is the owner of NYC acting studio, Art & Soul Acting. As an acting coach and an Erickson-trained, solution-focused life coach, Rhonda blends powerful acting techniques together with transformation solution focused life coaching; a dynamic combination that insures that students learn sustainable acting tools as well as know when to use them and why.

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