Matthew Weiner on How He Cast Jessica Paré in ‘Mad Men’

Jessica Pare has made a huge splash Mad Men this season, from singing ‘Zou-Bisou-Bisou’ to finally (as far as we can see) taming new husband, Mr. Don Draper.

Pare was a series-regular on the show Jack & Bobby and also appeared in Hot Tub Time Machine has appeared but when it came time to audition for Mad Men, she first read for the role of… a hooker. 

While talking to Vulture, series mastermind Matt Weiner explained that Pare “actually first auditioned for the prostitute [who slaps Don in the face during sex in the season four premiere] and I thought she was wonderful. And then my casting people were like, “You know, she was in the top three for the people to get that part. You’re looking for this Megan character. Have you thought about Jessica?”

They brought her in and boom, she was cast.

What was it about her? “I loved her face and her energy, and she’s got this slightly tomboy thing. And at the same time, she looks like a French movie star from that era, exotic and intriguing,” he said.


Which I now have in my head.

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