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18 Ways to Self-Tape Like a Pro!

Not everyone likes to record them however, but as with anything, the more you practice, the more confident you will become with it.

Actors: Embrace Self-Tape Auditions!

Actor Tony Gibbons on the reason why you should love self-taped auditions.

Interview: Casting Director Jessica Daniels On Finding New Talent and Tips On Self-Taped Auditions

"I worked on 12 pilots this year and most of the series regular roles went to working actors who auditioned." - Casting Director Jessica Daniels

Interview: Casting Director Robert Ulrich on Discovering Unknown Actors, Tips on Self-Taping Auditions and More!

"Even if I know the character well, I pre-read fifty people or at least a great deal of people, sometimes even for a one line role" - Casting Director Robert Ulrich