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Margot Robbie: “I do timelines and backstories, I work with a dialect coach, a movement coach and an acting coach”

"I need to be with other actors, then my focus is on what they’re doing and all I need to do is react to it. I’m too in my head if I’m on my own." - Margot Robbie

Lina Esco on Playing the Only Female Officer on ‘S.W.AT.’: “I have to portray her as someone equal to all of the guys on her team”

"The important thing for me when I read scripts is how much respect I have for the character and how far I can take her" - Lina Esco

Eddie Izzard on Creating a Character: “I should be able to come off script and improvise”

"The better you researched it – the better you are into the character before you land on the set, the easier it’s going to be. " - Eddie Izzard on Preparing for a Role

Tom Hardy on How He Prepared for His Role in ‘Taboo’

"I really think about acting in two different parts. There’s convincing and not convincing acting." - Tom Hardy

Melissa Leo Talks Acting, Auditioning and Preparation

Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo on acting: "If there’s anything else you can do, do it. And if there’s nothing else you can do, and nothing can stop you, do nothing but."