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Sterling K. Brown Talks Theater and His Audition for ‘The People V. OJ Simpson’

While Cuba Gooding Jr. is killing it (pun intended) on FX's The People V. OJ Simpson, audiences have been drawn to Sterling K. Brown’s Christopher Darden.

Watch John Travolta in a 1971 Commercial for $13 Pants

Like all actors, Travolta had to start somewhere. Before he ever appeared in a TV show or a movie, Travolta appeared in this 1971 commercial for Haggar Slacks.

At 17, Tye Sheridan Already has a Career Many Veteran Actors Would Envy

Tye Sheridan is one fortunate 17-year-old kid. He’s worked with directors Terrence Malick on The Tree of Life, Jeff Nichols in Mud and David Gordon Green in Joe. That’s pretty significant list for someone who kicked off his career with such respected talent. He talked to Indiewire recently about his incredible success in the industry. Sheridan explained to the Indiewire about what he learned from working with Malick. He said, “Well I feel like it was a learning experience for me, and he taught me to just be natural in front of the camera. He didn’t give me a script to read. He ... Read more

Nikki Blonsky Explains her Post-‘Hairspray’ Career: Her Weight Was an Issue

In 2007, one of the biggest breakout stars was Nikki Blonsky who found herself onscreen with John Travolta and Christopher Walken in the John Waters musical extravaganza, Hairspray. The film was a box office hit and it looked like the sky was the limit for the young actress. However, success eluded her after that magnificent debut and she hasn’t had a leading role since. She addressed this topic on a recent episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? Some of her on-screen absence was self-induced. Blonsky wanted another role that had the same magnitude like her character Tracy Turnblad. She revealed, ... Read more