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Screenplay: ‘Testament of Youth’

During World War I, Oxford University student Vera Brittain (Alicia Vikander) postpones her studies to serve as a nurse while her suitor, her brother and a secret admirer face death in the trenches.

Helena Bonham Carter on Portraying Elizabeth Taylor: “My job was to capture some essence”

When thinking of an actress who could play silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in a movie, Helena Bonham Carter probably isn’t the first name to come to mind (then again, neither is Lindsay Lohan).  However, Bonham Carter is getting rave reviews for portraying Taylor opposite Dominic West in the BBC television movie Burton & Taylor, which is about the successful, but troubled 1983 Broadway production of the play Private Lives that starred the twice-divorced couple.  Bonham Carter spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how she created her take on the world renowned actress.  Of course, whenever an actor portrays a famous ... Read more

Helena Bonham Carter on Portraying Elizabeth Taylor, Research and the 18-Day Shoot

One of the most challenging roles for an actor to take on is playing an Hollywood icon. Fans have expectations of how their favorite star should be portrayed and the actor often has big shoes to fill. Helena Bonham Carter recently tackled the role of Elizabeth Taylor opposite Dominic West‘s portrayal of Richard Burton in BBC America’s Burton and Taylor. She was hesitant to accept the role and even her mom thought she was nuts. However, when she read the script by William Ivory, Bonham Carter was riveted. She said, “It was amazing. I couldn’t not do it.” Once the contract ... Read more

Dominic West on His Early Film Roles: “I was a disaster”

Dominic West is quick to admit that he struggled early on in his career, in movies like 28 Days and Mona Lisa Smile. Despite his high-wattage costars, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, West felt out of place.

Biography: Dominic West

Dominic West has successfully combined a career in both the U.K. and the U.S., with leading roles in international film, in American television and on the London stage.

Dominic West Talks About Connecting to his Role as a Serial Killer in ‘Appropriate Adult’

West was concerned about the potential risk in making a film about the famous UK investigation, but was intrigued by the angle the film takes

Trailer: “John Carter” starring Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Hayden Church, Willem Dafoe

Director: Andrew Stanton Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Hayden Church, Willem Dafoe