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Elizabeth Marvel: “It’s a lovely time to be a character actress!”

"I view myself as a facilitator more than anything. That’s always been my thinking as an actor. I’m there to facilitate the story and I’m there to facilitate getting the crew home to see their family." - Elizabeth Marvel

John Carroll Lynch: “I seem to be asked to play complicated people. I bring a certain level of menace”

"If you want to figure out where you fit in the acting ecosystem, you look at where you would have fit into the generation that came before you." - John Carroll Lynch

Jim Broadbent: “When the industry moved more into character roles, I was already there.”

"The system has changed now, there are more varied roles, partly because there’s so much more television and so much less theatre." - Jim Broadbent

Amy Ryan: “I knew I was going to be a character actor when I started. I knew that would mean longevity.”

Actress Amy Ryan: "I’m more of an observer. I like watching the people at the party. It’s the plague of being an actor — you’re never really living life, just taking notes"

Stephen McKinsley Henderson Doesn’t Call Himself a Character Actor: “I’m what I like to call a story-line actor”

Actor Stephen McKinsley Henderson has followed up his Tony-nominated role opposite Denzel Washington in the 2010 production of August Wilson's Fences and long-running recurring role as judge on Law & Order with recent appearances in episodes of The Newsroom and a role in the highest profile film of his career, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.