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Book Review: ‘The Warner Loughlin Technique: An Acting Revolution’

Acting coach Warner Loughlin has written a wonderful new book that debunks the nonsense of the "tortured actor."

Book Review: ‘Acting in LA: How to Become a Working Actor in Hollywood’

Sexton was a working actress and is now an acting coach and acting teacher, so she knows what she's talking about.

Play Review: Stephen Karam’s ‘Speech and Debate’

The only thing wrong with Steven Karam's new play, Speech & Debate, is that you might wish it would continue for another scene or two.

Book Review: ‘One on One – The Best Monologues for Mature Actors’

If you’re in search of a new monologue or just want to add one to your actor’s toolkit, you can’t go wrong here.

An Actor Succeeds: A Book Full of Quotes on Acting Tips, Auditioning and More

If you’re looking for the book on acting that’ll inspire and set a fire to your actor juices, Boze Hadleigh's 'An Actor Succeeds' is one to check out.

Book Review: ‘How to Choose a Monologue for Any Audition’

Finding a good monologue has always been the one thing I’ve hated about being an actor. We (I) want it to encompass so many things; I want it to be smart, funny, under-performed and short for one. And finding something so perfect has been a challenge to me over the years. That’s one of the reasons why I started our monologues section. I wanted to help my fellow actors and make it easy to find a good monologues. And I’m betting that’s one reason why Karen Kohlhaas wrote and updated her book, How to Choose a Monologue for Any Audition ... Read more

Book Review: ‘Broadway Musicals, Show-by-Show: Eighth Edition’

The new book, Broadway Musicals: Show By Show, is the most in-depth book on musical theater I’ve ever seen. According to the press release, the book, now in its eighth edition, is Broadway’s most “widely used reference book” and I can definitely see why. Originally written by Stanley Green (this edition has been revised and updated by Cary Ginell), the book is arranged in chronological order and begins with a show I’d never heard of called, The Black Crook (which began its Broadway run on September 12, 1866), and ends with A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (which started ... Read more

Book Review: ‘The Playbill Broadway Yearbook: June 2013 to May 2014: Tenth Annual Edition’

The tenth annual edition of The Playbill Broadway Yearbook is out and, as usual, it’s chock full of all things that are wonderful.

Book Review: ‘Monologues for Every Audition’ by Glenn Alterman

I hate monologues. Always have. It’s just so unnatural to stand there before a casting director or agent and talk to someone that isn’t there. And to do it out of context? Ugh, the worst. Plus, it’s always hard to find a good one. If you’re like me, you constantly have one eye open whether you’re watching TV or a film or seeing a show. You think, “Oh, that’s a good one. I could do that.” Then, if you find one you like, is it appropriate to do in an agent’s office? Does the character yell and curse? And finally, ... Read more

Book Review: ‘The Best American Short Plays 2011-2012’

All of the plays are very quick reads - they're short plays, duh! - and most are pretty darn good.

Book Review: The Savvy Actor Career Manual

The Savvy Actor Career Manual bills itself as 'The Most Comprehensive Actor's Business Guide Ever' and while that's a pretty big claim, it gets pretty close.

Book Review: ‘The Sitcom Career Book’

If you’re a new actor and you’re looking to get into the sitcom world, The Sitcom Career Book would be a great place to start.

Book Review: ‘The ABC’s Of Soaps’

Trying to get into the Soap world? 'The ABC's of Soaps' is a great way to start!

Book Review: Amy Lyndon’s ‘The 15 Guideline Map To Booking’

This is a solid, practical, concise guide on how to break down a scene