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Alison Brie on ‘Glow’: “I had to audition many times”

"Of course when you're told that they don’t think your right for it, I was even more fired up to prove them wrong." - Alison Brie on Auditioning for 'Glow'

Q&A: Alison Brie and Danny Pudi on ‘Community’, New Show Runners and the Dreamatorium

Alison on the Dreamatorium episode: "It really was an amazing acting exercise"

Alison Brie on Her ‘Five-Year Engagement’ Accent and How She’s Handling Problems on the ‘Community’ Set

Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie has her most high-profile movie role so far in The Five-Year Engagement as the sister of lead actress Emily Blunt.

To Play Emily Blunt’s Sister in ‘The Five Year Engagement’, Alison Brie Got a Vocal Coach: Emily Blunt

Los Angeles native Alison Brie plays the sister of Emily Blunt's character in the upcoming comedy The Five-Year Engagement. While the funny Brie makes a great addition to the cast, there was a significant problem that Brie had to face: London-born Blunt's British accent.

Alison Brie Recalls An Early Audition Horror Story: “I left and cried in my car”

“My worst audition haunts me, because of this producer who was holding it. When I hear his name I’m like the kid in Ransom. I pee my pants,” said Brie.

Q & A: Alison Brie on ‘Community’, ‘Mad Men’ and table reads

Alison on acting: "I just think it’s really about being open-minded and being fearless"

Stars Share The Job That Landed Them Their SAG Card

"The first thing I ever auditioned for was an anti-drug PSA. They didn't pay me to do the commercial, but they gave me my SAG card." — Alison Brie, "Community".

Alison Brie: Two Shows, Two Totally Different Characters

How many actors do you know who are appearing in two hit TV shows at once? The only name that comes to me is Alison Brie. She's currently on both Community and Mad Men... and she's playing two totally different charaters!