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Corey Hawkins on Using His Classical Training in Television and Film Roles: “You have those tools ready to go”

"...you’re not feeling inspired as an actor and not having that magic moment where it all comes together, then that’s when you have to pull the techniques." - Corey Hawkins

Dame Judi Dench Warns that “it’s a tough and rocky road” without Proper Drama School Training

Dame Judi Dench knows how hard it is to be an actor. She’s also noting that it’s hard to be a working-class actor when trying to fund your extensive drama school training. She said, “Anyone who’s in the theatre gets letters countless times a week asking for help to get through drama school. You can do so much, but you can’t do an endless thing. It is very expensive.” Besides the cost of education, the theatre scene has changed as well. The Oscar winner explained that repertory theatre is seeing a decline which is also affecting the quality of work. ... Read more

Erin Cummings on Improvising, Training and ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’

If you're a fan of Dollhouse, you've most likely seen Erin Cummings. If not, get ready, because she's about to make a big splash in the upcoming Starz series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand.