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Gary Oldman on His ‘The Darkest Hour’ Performance and His Acting Heroes

Oldman spoke about playing Churchill and avoiding doing impressions as an actor.

Interview: Mario Van Peebles Talks ‘Superstition’, Acting and His Long Career

"As an actor/director, it's easier to actually direct other actors because you kind of give them what you want to get." - Mario Van Peebles

Oscar Isaac on How He Prepared for ‘The Promise’

"You allow yourself to let go of the responsibility of having to hit anything." - Oscar Isaac on Acting

Channing Tatum Talks ‘Hail, Caesar!’: “I’ve been beating on the Coens’ door for years, man”

“It’s the most I’ve ever prepped for a six-minute section in a movie." - Channing Tatum

Rosamund Pike on Filming ‘Gone Girl’: “There was so much preparation for all this, so much preparation”

Most actors who finds themselves lucky enough to work under the direction of David Fincher come to learn firsthand that with it comes a high level of demand for greatness and repetitive takes to perfect such critical acclaimed blockbusters like The Social Network and Fight Club. In Fincher’s latest hit Gone Girl, leading actress Rosamund Pike spoke with Vulture about taking on the role of the complex titular character Amy and the rapid weight loss and weight gain that came along with. “I had to gain and lose weight for those scenes three times over! I had to be slimmer in ... Read more

Dean Norris Talks Working with “Evil” and His Preparation on ‘Breaking Bad’: “I don’t walk around all day being a dick”

Though Dean Norris‘ Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad might be one of the least “evil” characters on the show in terms of the law, that might not be saying much considering the show’s lead character is Bryan Cranston‘s Walter White, a meth-dealing high school chemistry teacher.   He spoke to Rolling Stone about dealing with the constant evil the cultural phenomenon is seeped in and how real-life nice guy Cranston manages to turn on his dark side. Norris admits that all of the dark material on the show does get to him.  He gives examples, pointing out, “Starting in the ... Read more

Nathan Lane on His ‘Iceman Cometh’ Pre-Show Preparation

During the run of the show, he and actress Laurie Metcalf (who is currently starring as Mary Tyrone in O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night on London's West End) exchanged emails about the pressures of working with O'Neill's text, food before shows and pre-show preparation.

Q & A: Brendan Fehr on ‘Roswell’, ‘Bones’ and Why Actors Should Always Have a “Plan B”

Brendan Fehr talks about his new SyFy movie, Ice Quake, how he got his roles on Roswell & Bones and how he broke into acting!

Viggo Mortensen on ‘The Road’ and Preparation for His Role

From moviefone.com: Was this role something you lobbied for, or were you offered the part? I was offered the role by the director John Hillcoat, and I had long been a fan of Cormac McCarthy’s writing. I had not read ‘The Road.’ I had read everything up until then. I had always loved in particular his prose description of landscape and the inner thoughts and emotional kind of lives of his characters. The way he describes things — his prose feels like poetry. There are so many gems in that, and all his books — even books that are just ... Read more