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Charlize Theron on Not Doing “That Method Stuff”

From MovieFone: Do all these incredibly tortured characters you play ever wear on you emotionally? No, they don’t. I love what I do, and I am not a tortured artist. I didn’t necessarily start out that way, but I’ve kind of learned over the years the things that are important to me. I love my job but I also love my life. I started doing really good work that I was really happy with and not torturing myself and everyone around me. I became very disciplined about my work, and I think it made me a better actor. It’s exhausting ... Read more

Amy Lyndon Talks About Her Acting “Technique”

Amy Lyndon has appeared in over 40 films, produced, directed and is an acclaimed acting coach. Check out my interview with here here!

Have You Heard of “The Way”?

The Way or, “dream work”, is an acting technique using Jungian psychology in which actors study and play the characters in their dreams; they mine their unconscious for clues to understanding their character. The technique grew out of Method acting, and it is now being taught in New York in Los Angeles. In the past 10 years has spread into actors studios and classrooms across the country, taking its place among the ever expanding techniques of actor training and in the long-running debate over what leads to the most authentic performances. Kate Walsh and Harvey Keitel are frequent practitioners. Kate ... Read more