Sam Worthington Reveals His Comedy Aspirations and Promises a Better ‘Titans’: “The first one I didn’t like”

Before Avatar, Sam Worthington was an actor relatively unknown outside of Australian film and at one point was actually living in his car.  Since then he’s been recognized for his action roles in Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans.

Though Worthington’s next film, Man on a Ledge, is a thriller, he tells The Huffington Post that his dream film is of another genre entirely, and he also doesn’t hold back when he talks about his dislike of one of his own films.

He reveals, “I’ve always wanted to do a comedy with Christian Bale.  That would be my ideal dream — a comedy with me, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe.”

However, it’s likely Worthington will have to keep dreaming about his Aussie Three Stooges, even if he does really want to give other types of films a try.  He adds, “I never get offered comedies.  You put yourself out there, to say, ‘Look, I can be in this musical or I’d like to give this comedy or dance movie a try.'” 

Worthington believes that producers aren’t willing to cast him in different genres.  “You’re not having a laugh at them and you’re legitimately curious and you’d like to expand your range and show a different side of yourself,” he says.

After Man of the Ledge hits theaters on January 27, Worthington’s next film is March’s Wrath of the Titans, the sequel to the financially successful but critically panned remake Clash of the Titans.  Surprisingly, Worthington agrees with the critics.  He confesses, “The first one I didn’t like.  I’m not playing a character. I’m playing a carbon-copy friggin’ conduit that just goes on an action spree.  It wasn’t what I wanted to bring, or I didn’t try as hard as I could. I don’t know what happened. I maybe freaked out.  And when I looked at it, I went, ‘I can do better.'”

He goes on to add his more positive feelings about the sequel.  “On this one, we got to craft and shape a better Perseus, a more rounded Perseus and actually get a bit more heart into it.  To get a second chance at that is quite a great opportunity.”

We’ll find out whether Worthington is right when Wrath of the Titans is released on March 30.  As for his comedy with Christian Bale and Russell Crowe… well perhaps someday down the road.

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