Michael C. Hall Talks About His New Film, Broadway and His Research for ‘Dexter’: “I pretended to stalk people”

michael-c-hall-the-trouble-with-blissAlthough Michael C. Hall is currently on a break from playing a serial killer on Showtime’s Dexter, he has been keeping busy with new roles in films including Kill Your Darlings and The Trouble with Bliss

In an interview with Vulture, Hall recounted some of the ways he’s prepared for his acting gigs.

First, Hall did some research for playing Dexter.  He said, “I pretended to stalk people. I wasn’t actively stalking people, but I did follow them.  If there was somebody alone, I’d follow them around, just to see what it felt like—no syringe, though.  Maybe go down on the subway and stay a car away.  Try not to get noticed, just to see what it felt like.”  This preparation did help Hall get into the role.  He said, “The key was distance: Don’t get too close, and if you feel like you might be spotted, relocate, cross the street.  It was pretty easy, especially if it’s the busy part of the day.  I learned if you’re out and about, you’re probably being followed by someone—so don’t go down those deserted alleyways!  It was kind of creepy. I creeped myself out.”

In The Trouble With Bliss, which came out March 23, Hall plays Morris Bliss, a character quite the opposite of Dexter.  Hall said, “It was nice to play a character who was a little less motivated, who spends most of his time being a witness.  The challenge was to sort of surrender to the moment and whatever your fellow actors are giving you, and invite in the chaos of the unknown.  I mean, Morris is in every scene, and he’s often not talking, so it was exhilarating.  And kind of scary, ultimately.”

As far as other roles, Hall reveals that returning to Broadway in Big Fish was nothing but a rumor.  He said, “It was premature.  I did an extensive reading for it, and it was great, with great people, but it’s not going to be logistically possible.”

With suggestions that Dexter present a musical episode, Hall said, “Dexter: The Musical?  I’d love to see that, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I’m going to say no.”

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