Nicole Kidman on Roles She Turned Down: “It’s just the journey”

Actress Nicole Kidman

“You’re meant to play certain things and if it’s meant to be, then it just kind of happens.” – Nicole Kidman

Being that she’s been a well-known actress since the early 1990s, Nicole Kidman has been attached at times to projects that didn’t pan out for various reasons — whether it was that she turned down the role (Indecent Proposal), another actress was chosen (Cape Fear), or the project was abandoned (Baz Luhrmann’s Alexander the Great). So how does an already-famous actress reflect on roles that might have made her an even bigger name? While promoting Lion at the Toronto International Film Festival, Kidman spoke about how she feels about roles that she turned down.

Kidman told reporters:

Of course there are roles that you’ve turned down and you think, “Hmm, if I’d have played that, where would I be now?” But that’s life … if I had done this or if I hadn’t done that. You know, you miss out on certain ones, and you’re given certain ones. It’s just the journey. You’re meant to play certain things and if it’s meant to be, then it just kind of happens. I suppose that’s just getting older, thinking that things happen when they’re meant to happen. So I say enjoy, be happy, keep it simple.

via Boonville Daily News

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