Do You Feel Like You’re Not Getting Enough Auditions or Callbacks?


We all have periods where auditions slow down for one reason or another, but, do you feel like your applying for loads of roles and not getting auditions.

Take a step back and assess what you are doing. What roles you are applying for, are they consistent with your character type? Are they suitable for your age range?

The secret to bagging auditions is quality, not quantity. Be ruthless with yourself. Don’t be tempted to apply for anything and everything. Nor should you apply for something just because it’s well paid. If you’re only chasing the money, it won’t work.

You have to be ruthless and honest with yourself. Do I like this character? Is this character in my age range? Do I like the premise? Is this role really for me?

You have to be honest with yourself and trust yourself when applying for roles. If you want the lead role in a feature film then it’s not really beneficial to apply for a supporting role in a short film.

However, if you absolutely love the premise and the script, or because you really want to work with the director or production company then go for it as this is a great way to not only network and meet industry professionals, but also to showcase your abilities.

In order to maximize your efficiency in booking roles, monitoring your figures is essential. How many roles have you applied for today, this week, this month?

How many have responded? How many auditions have you booked? How many roles have you secured?

Without these numbers you can’t accurately record your booking/ applying ratio and this is vital to your progression. For example, if you apply for 50 roles, receive 25 auditions and secure 1 role a month. If your goal is to book 3 roles a month, then in line with your numbers, you need to be applying for a minimum 150 roles a month, to audition 75 times in order to book those 3 roles.

At the same time, remember to stay true and honest with who you are and where you want to go and stick to your values.

It’s your journey, only you can decide how far you go. And remember: “You only get out, what you put in!”

Chris DudleyActor Chris Dudley

Having always been a storyteller and a creative, acting was something I enjoyed but didn’t see it as a career, until I really caught the bug. In the last 18 months I have had varying roles in film and theatre, as well as live action scare acting. Recently, I have launched my own filmmaking company to really challenge myself including teaching myself editing. Every day I learn something new, not just about the industry, but about myself. It doesn’t matter how small or large the task is, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

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