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Taylor Kitsch: “I’m very proud of ‘John Carter.’ Box office doesn’t validate me as a person, or as an actor”

Despite the movie's misfortune, Kitsch says he has "absolutely no regrets" about his film debut, even adding, "I would do John Carter again tomorrow. I'm very proud of John Carter. Box office doesn’t validate me as a person, or as an actor."

Taylor Kitsch on the Physical Demands of the ‘John Carter’ Shoot

While John Carter may have performed well below Disney's expectations during its opening weekend, many fans of the Edgar Rice Burroughs book series singled out Taylor Kitsch for praise for his portrayal of the titular Martian adventurer.

Taylor Kitsch on ‘John Carter’ Special Effects: Director put “performance before technicality”

Taylor Kitsch, who stars as the titular hero, has definitely made a name for himself and sure seems like he had a lot of fun shooting the movie. In particular, he opens up about the most enjoyable aspects of the production and what it was like acting a movie that involved so many digital effects.

Willem Dafoe on Becoming a Nine-Foot-Tall, Four-Armed Martian for ‘John Carter’

You can look for Willem Dafoe in Disney's sci-fi action/adventure film John Carter, but you'll only hear his distinctive voice coming out of the mouth of Tar Tarkas, the nine-foot-tall, four-armed green Martian who leads his people, the Tharks.

Ciaran Hinds on Becoming an Actor During The Troubles in Northen Ireland

Ciaran Hinds. The name probably doesn't ring a bell, but you've doubtlessly seen the Northern Irish actor in There Will Be Blood, Road to Perdition, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and the upcoming John Carter, among dozens of other films.