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Popular Acting Techniques

Acting Techniques

5 Popular Acting Techniques What They Are, Who Uses Them, and Which One is Right for You You’ve probably heard of at least one or two different acting techniques, but you may not know exactly what they all are. Each performer has their own way of doing things, and different

Charlize Theron on Not Doing “That Method Stuff”

From MovieFone: Do all these incredibly tortured characters you play ever wear on you emotionally? No, they don’t. I love what I do, and I am not a tortured artist. I didn’t necessarily start out that way, but I’ve kind of learned over the years the things that are important

Have You Heard of “The Way”?

The Way or, “dream work”, is an acting technique using Jungian psychology in which actors study and play the characters in their dreams; they mine their unconscious for clues to understanding their character. The technique grew out of Method acting, and it is now being taught in New York in

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