Robber Gets Caught Stealing From A New York City Street Performer


Fortunately, New York street performer Kid Lucky doesn’t also play an instrument, because if he did, he may have been too preoccupied to notice a thief taking off with his group’s collection box.

The foiled burglar watched Kid Lucky and two other beat boxers for about 40 seconds before bending down, pretending like he was putting money into their box and taking off with a handful of cash, according to the New York Daily News website. He then proceeded to run into “the biggest dude in the audience,” according to Kid Lucky, who also had a hand in restraining the man and forcing him to return the stolen money.

“I had already got caught him,” he recalled. “We took him, put him down on the ground, told him, you know, “Just leave the money,” let him back up and let him go. The rapper then “went back to performing again, because that’s what I do.”

Video after the jump.  

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