New Trend in Transportation is a New Survival Job for Actors


Everyone always talks about survival jobs in Hollywood in order to have free time for auditions. The stereotypical days of waiting tables and pet sitting may be over for some aspiring actors because there is a new way to make money and achieve those career goals.

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uber-actor-jobIn the last year, ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have created new opportunities for artists to make money to pay their bills. The idea is simple: the actor uses his car to give rides to people who need a lift to their destination.

In Los Angeles, it has become a more affordable alternative to taking taxis which are notoriously expensive in a city that lacks the public transportation infrastructure of other major cities. The driver and the passengers connect via a Smartphone app to arrange time, location and price.

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, actor Jimmy Lucia was taking advantage of the flexible job opportunity.

He told the Times, “Everybody has a survival job, and some people, like me, are lucky to have a ‘thrival’ job — I can thrive in this job while I pursue my dreams.”

The struggle to get the bills paid with a job that is satisfying has always been something that has plagued the entertainment industry. If the survival job sucks up too much time or emotional energy, there is little left to give to their artistic career.

Lucia shared his thoughts on his job with Lyft.

He revealed, “Oftentimes, when I get an audition notice, I get it the night before, and if that audition fell on hours that I was working, I could just drop those hours. As far as alternatives, you’re either waiting tables or working a night job and not sleeping much.”

According to the Times, nearly 60% of Lyft driver and about 50% of Sidecar’s drivers are entertainment professionals. That is definitely a sign that the new trend in transportation is catching on with tech users and the job is a perfect fit for Los Angeles’ main industry.

One other benefit to the job? The drivers can talk about their latest projects and make connections. You never know who is going to step into your car.

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