For nearly a decade Emmy winner Ellen Barkin was too afraid to audition: “The critics completely crushed me”

"At 15, you're young. You're not formed. You're only just finding out who you are barely."

Emmy winner Ellen Barkin admits that for more than a decade she was too frightened to audition for any acting roles.

The actress says, “It makes me laugh now, but I do have to say there were ten years between the age of 15 and maybe 25 that it didn’t make me laugh. I was unable to go for an audition until I was 25 years old and [yet] I was studying acting regularly through high school and college, but I couldn’t audition for anything.”

Barkin says that as a young adult her self confidence was shaken from facing repeated rejection.  “[The critics] completely crushed me… At 15, you’re young. You’re not formed. You’re only just finding out who you are barely.”

Barkin, currently starring in The Normal Heart on Broadway,  co-stars with Demi Moore in Another Happy Day later this year.


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