Before The Oscars: John Hawkes


How did this year’s Academy Award nominees begin their acting careers? Find out in The Daily Actor’s “Before The Oscars” special feature.

John Hawkes

Nominated for “Best Actor In A Supporting Role”

Film: Winter’s Bone

Role: Teardrop, the menacing uncle of a young girl who is searching desperately for her missing father.

How he got started: John Hawkes decided to pursue a career in acting after seeing Arthur Miller’s The Crucible at The Guthrie Theater when he was a sophomore in high school. While living in Austin, Texas, he started a successful theater company called Big State Productions with a few of his out-of-work actor friends. Hawkes moved to Los Angeles to further his acting career and appeared in numerous movies and TV shows before landing a starring role in the HBO series “Deadwood.” He also starred in the critically acclaimed indie film Me You and Everyone We Know, as well as Identity, American Gangster and The Perfect Storm.

Other notable films: A Slipping Down Life, The Perfect Storm, Identity, American Gangster, Miami Vice and Hardball.

The 83rd Academy Awards airs on February 27 at 8pm. For a list of nominees, click here.

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