‘Clueless’ (Cher): “You have to take advantage of this window of opportunity”

CLUELESS by Amy Heckerling

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Cher is a "beautiful, rich and damn happy" high school student.

Gender: Female

Age Range: Late Teens

Summary: Cher tries to help Tai find a new boyfriend.

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CHER: Don’t sell yourself short, now you’ve got something going for you that no one else at Beverly has. I mean “mystery”. As far as everyone’s concerned you were the most popular girl in your school. Everyone’s curious, and the fact that you hang with De and me… You have to take advantage of this window of opportunity. Let’s see… who’s available? Brandon, Bronson… Oh! I got it! Elton’s single now. He just broke up with Valette. He was in debate with us. He did the in favor of animal testing speech. In fact, I noticed him scoping you out. Tscha! In fact, he said you gave him a toothache. It’s an expression. It means he thinks you’re sweet.

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