Interview: ‘Timeless’ Actors, Sakina Jaffrey & Paterson Joseph on the New Season and Their Characters

Two of the stars of NBC’s Timeless and , were at to talk about the new season and their characters.

Here’s a quick snippet from the interview above:

Fans throw together scenarios that they hope to see.

Paterson Joseph: I love that! I love it! I love it how smart the fans are. They’re always piecing things together, and some of them are like have they read the script?

Sakina Jaffrey: I know, right? When you’re at a table read, you’re never allowed to take a picture of the script then the fans are like, ‘Oh, my God!’ And we’re not supposed to show any actors in costume.

If the characters could travel back, is there an event that they would like to change in their own lives perhaps, or just a period of time that they’d like to see?

Paterson Joseph: That’s a good question, I think Connor would definitely go back to the time when he said ‘yes’ to Rittenhouse. I didn’t even think about it. I think that’s definitely his biggest regret.

As a bonus, here’s our interview with the creator and executive producer of the show, !

Timeless airs on Sundays at 10pm on NBC

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